Send Transactions Easily With VeChain: Sign in With Google!

• VeChain has deployed Web3Auth services to make wallet sign in easier for users of its platform.
• Using Web3Auth and fee delegation, users can now sign in with social auth and send transactions without any blockchain knowledge.
• Vechain is making blockchain and web3 adoption appear invisible by simplifying the user experience.

VeChain: Easier Sign-in and Transactions

VeChain is making blockchain and web3 adoption simpler than ever by deploying advanced features for users of its platform. The company recently unveiled the use of Web3Auth services, which allows users to sign in with their social credentials, while also sending transactions without any blockchain knowledge.

Web3Auth Services

Web3Auth provides a non-custodial method for storage of private keys – allowing accessibility to be claimed simply by using one’s social credentials. Setting up a wallet with seed phrases can be a challenging process for regular users, as remembering passwords is already difficult enough; this service makes it easier for tech-savvy individuals to access wallets with ease.

Fee Delegation Working Hand In Hand

The feature combines the use of Web3Auth and fee delegation, working hand in hand to enable an even smoother user experience. This enables users to sign in with Google and send on-chain transactions without having to worry about the technical demands that come with working directly with a blockchain in sight.

Goals Of VeChain

Vechain’s goals as a blockchain tallies with ensuring a great user experience for both users and developers alike – making sure that adoption for blockchains and web3 applications happen rapidly on their platform.


VeChain continues to set the bar higher as one of the go-to blockchains in the entire cryptocurrency industry, simplifying processes such as signing into wallets and sending transactions – all without needing extensive knowledge about how blockchains operate.