Secure Your Crypto with B2BinPay & Ledger’s Custom-Branded Hardware Wallets!

• B2BinPay and Ledger have collaborated to launch a custom-branded hardware wallet for their clients.
• The wallet is available to newly registered merchants and enterprise customers, as well as long-standing clients of B2BinPay.
• This partnership will provide secure and efficient crypto asset management solutions to customers.

B2BinPay And Ledger Collaboration

B2BinPay proudly announces its latest collaboration with Ledger, the global platform for digital assets. Together they introduce a unique Ledger Nano X, personalized and featuring a creative crypto-processing design adorned with the B2BinPay symbol.


This specially-branded device is accessible to two kinds of customers: freshly registered merchants and enterprise customers; dedicated long-standing clients as an appreciation of their loyalty to B2BinPay. Unique promotional codes are applicable on Ledger’s official website, crafted explicitly for this collaboration.

Limited Availability

These exclusively branded devices are limited to 1000 units, emphasizing the rare and valuable nature of this offer.

Secure Storage Solutions

Ledger’s multicurrency devices provide secure offline storage of cryptocurrency private keys, offering unmatched protection from cyber threats, simple asset administration, and complete transaction visibility. This partnership, therefore, offers top-quality crypto storage options to customers allowing them to diversify their assets securely and manage them efficiently.

About B2BinPay

B2BinPay operates as a comprehensive crypto payment platform facilitating businesses to transmit, receive, exchange and process cryptocurrencies securely with the support of all prominent cryptocurrencies allowing clients to consolidate their digital assets into their choice of format – fiat coin or stablecoin. This alliance with Ledger fortifies B2BinPay’s commitment towards providing robust efficient reliable crypto asset management solutions that meets the needs of its esteemed clients while staying in step with the swiftly evolving FinTech sector .