Degen Zoo: DAO Maker Develops $700M Game in 30 Days

• DAO Maker founder Christoph Zaknun built a crypto game based on Logan Paul’s abandoned Crypto Zoo in 30 days.
• Degen Zoo comprises a deflationary token and an NFT collection featuring 120 endangered species.
• More than 115,000 wallets have registered to join the game with pledges of over $700 million, setting new records for a crypto game.

DAO Maker’s Degen Zoo Builds The Abandoned Logan Paul Game in 30 Days

Challenge Accepted By Christoph Zaknun

Stung by criticism that he had done nothing for a year after raising funds, Logan Paul released a video stating that Christoph Zaknun had no right to dictate the required development timeline. This prompted the DAO Maker founder to prove him wrong by building the game himself in just 30 days. To further dunk on Paul by highlighting the YouTube star’s greed, Zaknun pledged to donate all profits from Degen Zoo to charity.

Record-Breaking Response From Players

Interest in Degen Zoo has soared during the course of development, aided by Zaknun’s decision to broadcast daily updates of his progress. More than 250,000 people have followed the Degen Zoo Twitter and been hooked on the project updates. Hours before the deadline on day 30 of the challenge, the first testnet of Degen Zoo was released. Within days, more than 30,000 testnet transactions were racked up by 3,000 players eager to experience the game. Having initially begun work on the game as a joke, Christoph Zaknun is now proceeding with the mainnet release of Degen Zoo.

Degen Zoo Exceeds All Previous Benchmarks

During its accelerated development cycle, Degen Zoo has exceeded demand of any GameFi release to date surpassing all previous benchmarks and evolving into an experiment in game theory and human psychology. More than 115,000 wallets have registered to join this unique crypto game with pledges of over $700 million setting new records for any crypto game out there.

Innovative Design Features

Degen Zoo comprises a deflationary token and an NFT collection featuring 120 endangered species designed to simulate impact capitalism has on animal extinction encouraging players to „kill“ their NFT animals pushing them towards extinction while raising awareness about devastating effects human greed can have wildlife around us as well at environment we live in as whole..

Charitable Initiative

                 Zaknun decided that all profits made from this project will be donated directly charity organization thus furthering Dunk On Paul by highlighting his greed even more while helping out those who need it most!