Crypto-Friendly UAE Sees Boost in Bitcoin & DigiToads Investment

• Crypto Friendly UAE is attracting capital and talent with its light-touch innovation-friendly approach to regulation.
• Bitcoin (BTC) and an ambitious meme coin project DigiToads (TOADS) are becoming popular in the UAE due to its self-propagating ecosystem that provides access to DeFi exposure.
• The Platinum Toads initiative provides an opportunity for traders to manage the protocol’s treasury remotely, while holders benefit from overall DeFi growth through simple token ownership.

Crypto Friendly UAE Sees Boost in Bitcoin and DigiToads

Western regulators, especially in the United States, have made life difficult for crypto enterprises. This has created an opportunity for emerging economies like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to introduce more crypto-friendly regulations. This light-touch innovation-friendly approach has attracted capital and talent.

Why Are Bitcoin (BTC) and DigiToads (TOADS) Popular?

The TOADS presale has seen a great success raising more than $5.9 million, with many of these participants coming from the UAE. There are numerous elements composing the DigiToads ecosystem called The Swamp, providing convenient access point to broad DeFi exposure.

Toad-Cade: Play-To Earn Game

Players can battle toads in a mission to land a spot on the leaderboard of Toad-Cade game. Those who successfully rank in top 25% will be rewarded $TOADS from seasonal prize pool.

Platinum Toads Initiative

This revolutionary treasury management system allows twelve most skilled traders picked from community to trade with protocol treasury which keeps 10% of profits earned by them.

Deflationary Model < p >The aggressive deflationary model employed by $TOADS token leverages taxes reducing total supply of $TOADS enabling investors hold it while traders earn on their behalf..